LIVE WITH IT : we all have HIV

An independent affiliated event of the 20th international aids conference
melbourne 2014.

LIVE WITH IT: We all HAve HIV was a striking multi artform collaborative undertaking between andrew hazewinkel and phillip adams with as many as  50 community participants from regional and urban centres across victoria.

Live with It; we all have Hiv
Concept / co direction / design : Andrew Hazewinkel
concept / co direction / choreography : Phillip Adams

presented by PABL in Association with the Victorian AIDS COUNCIL / GAy MENS HEALTH CENTRE and ARTS house


LIVE WITH IT: We all Have HIV, was a striking multi form artwork spanning visual art and performance in addressing the still present and socially important issue of HIV / AIDS. It examined  how the virus impacts those of us who live bodily with it and those of us who are profoundly affected by the virus in other ways. Working together in close co directorial roles Hazewinkel and Adams, [artistic director of Philip Adams BalletLab] developed this powerful life afirming work with more than fifty participants of diverse age, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity in a series of workshops held in regional and urban centres across Victoria.

 Live with it: We all have HIV presents an intimate portrait of how we as a broad community have lived through and shaped Australia's 30 year relationship  with HIV /AIDS. Choreography, written and spoken word combine with video and other visual media in presenting the intimate histories explored and expressed by the project participants. 

Live with It: we all have HIV, aims to help shift the stigma often associated with HIV AIDS; it foregrounds a distinctly Australian perspective  on HIV /AIDS  and is a timely journey into what HIV / AIDS means to all of us today, it is a compelling, uncensored expression of a shared human experience.